About HTCC

Help The Cambodian Children was born in 2003 with the realization that a strategically located community center would revolutionize the lives of people living in an impoverished district in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The idea was simple, “Help the Children.” In Cambodia and other developing nations, children are often literal investments in the future. A poorer family may only be able to send one child to school, and that child will hopefully do well and be able to care for the parents when they age.

The Goodwill Center was born, and has grown into a full fledged, multi-disciplinary asset to community with too many programs and events to properly list here.

HTCC is a registered charity in the England and Wales, as well as in Cambodia. To learn more about our work and programs please visit Bomnonglor.org or check out our About page.


The Goodwill Center

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